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OMG! My ex showed up at my house Saturday Night!

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So me and my man were chillin on Saturday night. When we were getting into bed, I hear banging on my window. It was my ex. The one I was with for 4 years, that physically abused me. I went into the hallway to see what he wanted. He was saying how he missed me, and how he messed up. He said, "You always told me that no other woman would love me like you do, and you were right". I told him, I was just talking when I said that. He was going on and on about how he wanted me back and he didn't care that I had another man.


My boyfriend was in the house. He could hear my ex calling him, "b***hes", and "racial slurs". I told my ex, he was disrespecting my boyfriend for no reason, and that I didn't want anything to do with him anymore. He was saying "you ain't "f" me, "I ain't "f" you". I said, no, I haven't seen you to "f" you. He was trying to get my boyfriend mad. I was trying to go in the house, but when I tried my ex started to take off his coat and he said he would push his way thru, if I opened the door. I already know what he is capable of, I didn't want any trouble, because my uncle was staying with me for the week-end, he was there too.


I also know what my boyfriend is capable of. Which is why I tried to calm my ex and send him on his way. My ex was off the e-pills. I used to take them too, so I know when he is off them. His mouth was white and dry. When he is off those pills he will go against a whole army and not care. He was trying to hug and kiss me and force himself on me, that's when my uncle came out and my boyfriend and he ran off. I am thinking about filing a restraining order against him. I haven't seen him in almost a year. Then he comes out the blue and scared the crap out of me.


Anyway, my boyfriend was mad at me the whole night because he thinks my ex was serious about me and him having sex. He wouldn't sleep close to me or touch me all night long. :sad: Then when we woke-up he was arguing about it again. But I am with my boyfriend 24/7, and he already knows that is a lie. He was basically mad at the racial slurs and all the other name calling. He was about to break-up with me yesterday, because he says I have to had talked to my ex for him to show up like that and then I got mad and told him if he wanted to go, then go, but that he was making a mistake and he was losing someone good. I told him to take a walk and think about it and come back later. He did. And we talked some more, and he finally saw that my ex was full of * * * * .


This is messed up because now my ex is trying to ruin my relationship because his isn't working out with the one he cheated on me with and he see's that he made a mistake. That's why I am considering filing a restraining order, because he said he was going to be back and that he was going to fight my boyfriend.

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i'll be the guy who suggest this..


i hope your current bf take a baseball bat and knock him out...


its one thing to initiate contact with an ex in a civil and friendly AND UPBEAT manner, its ANOTHER to BARGE in someone's home!! thats B&E!


i am SO glad ur bf and ur uncle were there!


watch ur back for a little bit from now on!

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Yeah, I am looking into the restraining order now. I just can't believe this happened. It's bad enough what he did to me when we were together, now he is trying to ruin me now that we are apart. It's ridiculous.


And I agree, my bf wanted to knock him out, but I live in apartments and I don't want all the neighbors in my business and I didn't want to scare them.

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The restraining order sounds like a great idea. You don't want this guy in your life, and he's already trying to force himself on you and destroy your relationship - making it clear early on that he is NOT going to be a part of your life is the easiest way to do it. Talk to the police and keep a journal (you can get little pocket ones for like $3) where you write down every time he contacts you (by phone, letter, showing up, email, IM, anything) and any inappropriate behavior that he displayed (for this last time, the slurs against your boyfriend, etc). You never know when you might need that information.

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