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We have been trying for about 1 year


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It depends on how each of you are. For some, having unprotected sex even just once at the roughly correct time in her cycle results in pregnancy. For others it can take a long time.


When you consider what has to happen in order to get pregnant it's often not surprising it can take many tries.


The short answer is though that sometimes there is something amiss in one of the partners causing difficulties. I wouldn't necessarily adivise running to a fertility consultant just yet, but perhaps that's something to do after you are married and settled in a bit.


In the meantime there are many things you can try, do some research on the internet for sites with that info. Best thing you can do though in general is stay healthy, do a moderate amount of exercise, eat and drink properly, and get plenty of rest.

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It's all about perfect timing- and also making sure that there are no environmental conditions that are hindering your attempts.


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If you have both tried everything, and still cannot conceive in 6 more months, then I would suggest seeing a fertility specialist.


Could it be something wrong with me???


It could be you, her, or simply the combination of the 2 of you. See link removed



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How old is your fiance?


My doctor recommended that if you are over 30 years of age ( the woman) and it takes longer than 6 months to conceive, you should see a fertility specialist.


Was your fiance on the pill and for how long before she came off? That can throw things off for a few months in itself while her body regulates things.


Other things that can make conception difficult-- stress and trying too hard. Are you guys enjoying each other or is it all about trying to get pregnant?

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If you have already tried for a year and still no luck, I would try charting her cycle.


link removed is free. It is very useful in trying to pinpoint when she is ovulating, then make sure you do it according to the directions on that site.


If you do try that... Both be checked out to see if there are any possible physical things stopping it, wouldn't hurt at all.


The gyno/female doc can even give her medications to boost her fertility if that is at all a factor. Good Luck!

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I tried to get pregnant for 3 years and nothing. Then my friend from europe suggested some tea that they drink there to help with conceiving. I found the tea here and after 3 months I was pregnant. I would drink 2 cups of each Tea per day. One is called Horehound and the other one Catnip. they are super cheap like 4 bucks and u can get them online or in organic/nature stores. Give it a shot it's just a tea! Hope u get the same results as me!!

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Hi There,


Is she is 36 and you have been trying for a year I definitely think you should get a referral to an infertility specialist. Getting pregnant after age 35 is more difficult but still possible- but you should both have an exam and some tests done to determine if there is a problem.

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