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broke up with someone and now i want her back

that guy123

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Ok, here's my situation, I have been with this girl for about a year and a half, I have broken up with her a couple times because she would get too close and this didn't help because we also worked together so i broke up with her. also because i was getting bored with her.. She always wanted to get back together and after about a week or less i would get back with her just because i missed her. Well this time i think i did it, i broke up with her again.. and then i started to feel pretty depressed because i missed her so much and i didn't really realize how much i loved her.. then i found out she made out with someone over the weekend we broke up which hurt even more.. so, after thinking about it for a while.. and not being able to stop thinking about her or eat or sleep i told her how i felt, now she can't decide if she wants to be with me or not because she can't trust me.. and i think she wants to be single or see other people because i really didn't treat her how i should of sometimes.. mainly because we worked together and it was hard.. but anyways i really messed up because i think i took her for granted at times and thought she would always be there.. well now i miss her so much and she said she needs time to think about whether she wants to get back with me or not.. we are very very close even though it's only been a year and a half we have grown close. what do you think i should do about this situation?



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It seems like you miss having a girlfriend more than you miss this particular individual.


I think this breaking up and then getting back together cycle wore her down.


There are two possibilities:

1) You can tell her that you will wait for her until she trusts you again

2) Let her go and stop the emotional rollercoaster.


Good luck

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