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What Should I Do?


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I've been in this relationship for over a year now. We've had our ups and downs but have generally been happy. I don't have many friends, just a few close ones, so i'm at home a lot. My girlfriends works the exact opposite schedule that I do, so I only see her a few times a month now. Before, we used to have sex almost everytime we saw each other, and now that she moved into a new place with her brothers (who are hardly home) we barely have sex, MAYBE one a month. She's been more busy lately and i've been understanding. I got her a nice anniversary gift (A day at the spa!) as romantic as I thought it was we still have only gone on a date 2 times since then. Am I being to needy or what? She's a good girl but I got mad when we didn't do anything on my birthday other than go to dinner and then Target. I felt let down after she said she was going to plan my birthday, but I think she was at a casino with her friends instead.. :sad: I feel like I should just back off and see what she does. I feel like i've put a lot into this relationship and lately havent yielded much.


I don't want to mess this relationship up, and i've tried telling her how I feel. The worst part is she's going to go back to school to finish her program, which will take 2 years. I want to feel appreciated again, but I don't know how to get there. I guess i'm pretty lonely these days, and want to stop coming off as needy, or am I just expecting to much? I feel like she wants me to do all the sacrificing. I love the girl. She's sweet, sarcastic, and has the most beautiful smile. I just wish we had more time for each other. And to top it off, she wants to get married in 2 years. How am I supposed to marry a girl that I hardly see?


Waiting for your suggestions....

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Shyguy, I don't mean to sound flippant, but are you sure you're actually IN a relationship? What I mean is, except for the part about wanting to get married, your girlfriend isn't behaving like a girlfriend. She's behaving like somebody who wants to be amused when she has a few minutes to spare, but isn't much into giving back. She might be happier with a puppy or a house plant! You are NOT asking for too much.

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i know how u feel, you just want to feel more inportant to her then everything else going on.. and the fact that you dont get to see each other much you want to make the times you do get together mean so much more, maybe you should just lay off with the mushyness for a bit and see if she notices and says something.. if she doesn;t then shes not worth it

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Well thanks for your advice. We finally broke up in January. I've been dating again and couldn't be happier. I realized this statement fit it exactly:


"We make time for the things we want and excuses for everything else..."


Thanks guys...!!!

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