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Boyfriend going into the army.


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Back in july, i started talking with this guy, we'll call him A. We chatted online for a while, but i was seeing a few guys in between then and now..up until about 3 weeks ago when we decided to hang out. Hes a friend of a mutual friend.


We instantly hit it off. He treats me right, hes honest & open with me, and on top of that hes gorgeous. Just the total package. before our first date, i didnt really have any intentions of seeing him again, i thought it would just be a fun little fling because he was leaving. But hes just such a sweetheart and i have fallen hard. After our second date, he asked me how i felt about him going into the army. I told him that I like him alot and i feel like we have something good going and I didnt want to just throw that away and forget about him just because hes going away.


He told me that he really cares about me and sees this working but wasnt sure if he could do that to me because he was afraid that it would hurt me. Two days ago, he told me that he was willing to try it, if i felt i could. He leaves in 16 days for boot camp, comes back in May for 3 weeks, and then is going to be sent somewhere overseas. The job that he will be doing means he will be over there for up to 2 years.


I know this is going to be hard, but i can do it. I've been around the block AND back, and just havent found a decent guy until now. And with my luck, hes leaving. I dont plan on throwing it away, i want to wait for him..


Is anyone is a situation like this?

It is worth it, right?


I just feel like he could be the one and i want to make it work.

does that make me sound crazy?

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Have faith take whatever you can.. I can shed some light on a similar situation?


I have been training hard for this last year, I'm joining the navy to join the SEAL's team.. Seal's training is over 2 years long.. I meet the girl of my dreams a while ago we've been dating (3 months) and at first we didn't hook up because , i didn't want to put her through that pain. But she couldn't not be with me so we hooked up and she's so obsessed with us working out it's great... I can't tell you whether it's successful or not because I haven't left yet.


Take what you can why not try it out, whats holding you back?

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