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I would say he and I are a pretty young couple with lots of new loving experiences ahead of us. Though, his family says we kiss too much in public. They laugh about it. Isn't that embaressing? It's awesome that for a change in my life there is he who likes to love me up in public....hehehe....should I be embaressed? He does it in front of his family, relatives, friends, etc....kissing, smooching, holding hands, touching my butt, stuff like that! His family doesn't say anything, a bit embaressing i'll say...guess I need to loosen up a bit. Sometimes, it makes me feel like a "easy" girl who lets her boyfriend do that...should I feel like that???

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You need to "own" your own feelings or else you will feel used. When he does something wrong, like touching your butt in public, tell him gently that you dont think that is appropriate. Don't hit him or get angry, just tell him it isn't ok. If others are around, maybe slow down on the french kissing too, it makes others uncomfortable for a variety of reasons, which means it is probably not such a good idea!

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