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What's the best way to segue from...


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the basic conversational stuff to more sexual conversations if I'm talking to a woman I like at a party? This gray area is always tricky, and just because I ask "So, are you seeing anyone?" doesn't mean that it's the green light to start hinting about a possible get together.


I go out to a balcony or quieter spot and I start talking to her more. But I'm basically driving straight, not going in the direction I want to go. And then I'm sweating because I have to think how can I break into more "juicy" stuff or else she'll think I'm only interested in friendship, which is nice, but definetly NOT the goal!


Does anyone have ideas of questions or statements to say? Thanks!

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Yes, that approach would probably be the best. If you start launching into sexual banter you will most likely offend the woman and that will be the end of that.


i agree - too sexual, and you look like a sleaze. i'd go for flirting, tell her you like her hair or eyes, ask her out. i wouldn't go straight into sex talk, that is usually a turn off and a red flag for me. i think flirting, teasing will give her the impression you are interested in more than friendship without looking sleazy.

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