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I am posting based on my other post Drinking and smoking too much where I felt lost in the world of drugs. Many of you told me I should go to detox a.s.a.p, However I put a goal to smoke and drink only on saturdays and so far im being able to keep that goal. Since Ive been able to stop for 5 days do u think i will be able to keep this way without falling back? What advice can you give me other then ' go to rehab' or 'detox' On how to keep up the good work.


Ive been healthy and happy not being high on anything but life and I really want to keep this way! I really want to be more responsible, but what you dont understand is even if i go to detox that still will not and never change the fact that Im Very much indeed interested in the world of drugs, Like I have a great curiosity towards many things, Different feelings, and I feel this is a bad conduct.


Do you think perhaps its because I have too much time on my hands? I dont work I dont go to school Im either on the computer or with my boyfriend. Before going to school I need to fully recover from my mental illness.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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Also ive been using different strategies for Smoking and drinking. Instead of drinking alcohaul i drink 2 full glasses of milk and i suddenly dont feel like drinking anymore, (since i hate milk so much) And To avoid feeling like smoking i smoke 40 cigerettes a day (Not so healthy)

What strategies could I use for cocain? Or even smoking weed other then numerous amounts of cigerettes?

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You already answered most of your questions.


Yes, you need to keep busy so you dont start thinking about doing drugs.


If you can go a week without drinking you can go further.


It's possible to do it without detox or rehab, as long as you are making positive strides, but promise yourself that if you slip back, then you will go.


If you're interested in the world of drugs, get a book or research them online, and learn about them. Read about how harmful they are.

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You should volunteer somewhere, since you don't work or goto school. Get yourself out there and do something positive with your life. Be a mentor to a kid or read a book to a child.


Smoking, drugs and drinking are gonna get you nowhere in life, just stop all of it altogether

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I'm a former drug addict.. and I've experimented heavily in drugs. Here's the thing... you become so wrapped up in them. Like right now you are thinking about how to stop doing drugs. This is a good thing, don't get me wrong... the question is how much time do you spend thinking about drugs? And when you actually start having physical additions you'll do anything to get the drugs you need not to feel sick (read: withdrawl). Eventually you spend all of your time involved in drugs. Even if you are "functional" in that you hold a job and are not stealing to pay for your habits, think about all the time you obsess with drugs. What else could you be doing? Also, if you are using drugs to mask or deal with other problems you'll hamper yourself growing up emotionally and socially. Without being high or drunk or whatever you don't know how to act or interact. In other words, you never allow yourself to develop the emotional and social tools you'll need to deal with life on a sober basis... hence drugs are indeed a downward spiral. I lost 10 years of my life to drugs. Since I've been sober, I've accomplished so much more and enjoyed life on such a higher level. Drop the drugs, get out of the lifestyle, and find activities that will better yourself in other ways. You say you are a curious person... so what other interests do you have?



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Keep up the good work! Well done on reigning yourself in without detox by yourself as well, that takes sheer strength of mind.


Hmm perhaps your right about having too much time on your hands. A job, even a small part-time one can give you something that you are passionate about. It can be the reason to get an early night, the reason to look your best, the satisfaction when things go right, yeah mb look into something like that. What work you done be4?


girl friend

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