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Was this him trying to flirt?


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I was with my boyfriend last night and we ran into a band we like that we had seen a few months ago playing at another pub.


My boyfriend and i both really like this band and after the show we said we we were going to talk to one of the band members to see what their group is called and when and where they are playing next so we could go see them.


After the show we went up to the lead singer and i told him what a great voice we though he had and how excited we were to finally run into them again and we wanted to know their band name and where we can find out where they're playing next so we can come see them.


He was really nice and polite. Very appreciative of the comments and a very lovely down to earth persoonality. We were standing accross from each other with my partner by my side and we said we were going to come to their gig next week and he said "fantastic" and then leaned over and "rubbed" the top of my shoulder for a few seconds. I thought it was really weird but didnt read to much into it.


When we got home my boyfriend brought it up with me and said he felt uncomfortable as he thought that gesture was a way for him to flirt with me.


Is he over reacting and reading to much into a situation where he only rubbed my shoulder? Its weird as this has never happened to me before but i just think different people have different ways of acting with people.


Someone please shed some light and share your thoughts.

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It is a bit unusual. But some people are "touchy" "feely" kind of people if you know what i mean.


Did he know the man you were with is your boy friend. As in were you holding hands/kissing etc?


He may have thought he was a friend of yours and was trying to flirt with you.


Or he knew that was your boy friend and he was just being him and not trying to flirt but you and your boy friend took it the wrong way.


I wouldn't worry about it really. I am sure your boy friend will get over it.

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That is what i was thinking when he bought it up last night when we got home. He was really serious as well with "i need to talk to you"


On the offchance the guy was flirting with you by that move, what does he think YOU can do about it? This is where security with oneself comes into play....

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you said he was really appreciative of the comments. some people give a rub to show thanks. now if he went to grope you or something, yeah, your bf should be upset. i know i don't like guys putting hands on any gf of mine for sure. but on the shoulder to show thanks, i think i'd be okay with that.

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