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Very stupid question


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It seems counterproductive. Obviously the person asking is the one who was dumped. By asking for a "chance" you are coming accross as needy, clingy, dependent and weak. It can also be assumed that the dumper has not contacted the dumpee during the NC, otherwise the question would not need to be asked.


So, I cannot answer your question because I never did it, but I dont recommend it.

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Well, no one officially dumped anyone in my case, its kind of a weird situation... I've told him to hit the bricks a few times... just can't get it through his head...


Although I hate losing him in a way I can't quite understand myself.... damnn, I don't know... I guess we are both messed up in this case....

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You should never feel the need to beg to have someone in your life.


In the same respect, if you are both still single I see nothing wrong with you letting him know that you still have feelings for him. And take it from there. I wouldn't necessarily sit the guy down and explain that you are still in love with him, but rather casually let him know that you have been thinking alot about him lately and was wondering if he has been thinking about you ..


The worse that can happen is that he does not have those same feelings. And thats ok .. better to know now, then wonder all your life ..

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