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Alright, My GF and I recently had a talk about our relationship. Things with her haven't been too great due to things with her family so I know she is feeling alittle stressed about that. Basically we both have our own personal stresses going on at this time...


BUT we had a talk about our relationship and if we were happy together and everything. She says that she is completely happy with me and that she feels loved, wanted, needed and important to me and everything but when it came down for me to anwser the same question, I couldnt say that I was 100% happy. Because I am not. She asked what she was doing wrong or what changed on my end and I told her that ever since she found out about her family problem she hasnt seemed to be "into" me like she used to be. So she said she would work on it. And she has been doing well. I havent told her that she has been doing better or anything like that and the other day she said that she feels like she can't do anything right when it comes to me. I dont feel thats the case and I have told her that but what are some things I can do to make her feel like she isnt doing anything wrong and that I am feeling alot better about everything??


I tried taking her out on a "date" and tonight I am cooking her a great dinner from scratch since she has to work today. I'm just not sure what else I can do to make her feel like everything is alright....


Alittle help please.......



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I havent told her that she has been doing better or anything like that


There's the problem. You tell us that she's doing better, but she's the one that needs to hear it. I'm curious as to why since you even addressed it here, so you must know it's something you need to do. Is there something holding you back from acknowledging what she's doing right?

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Show her how much you love her sweep her off her feet,tell her how much she means to you write her a poem on how much happeness an love she has brought to your life. Buy her flowers,romantic dinners,do things you both like to do together,do something she has always wanted to do but never got around to doing,surprise her.I think she could be starting to feel alittle inscure in your relationship,its not about you,its about the both of you an the love you feel for eachother an should be shown unconditally an be honest with eachother. lol

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