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IF a guy doesn't want to be known by a woman or


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"women" as a stranger and instead wants to be known as a "big brother/friend," then exactly what things should he mention about himself from the get-go? And without asking a woman a question and following up with a statement about himself in order to establish commonality?


I realize that it might be kind of strange if a guy starts talking about how much he likes Will Smith's movies. The topic itself isn't strange...it's when he mentions it.


Another risk...he mentions something about himself, in a positive, enthusiastic tone. The woman or women show no interest or ask him follow up questions, such as: "How long did you stay there?"

Now WHY does this happen? Because if he were to ask, and then ask again at another time, things would be kind of lopsided. He's starting to know things about her but she's not interested in knowing things about him.

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