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Should I say something?


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Hi all,


I really hate the fact that drama always seems to find me. Lets say I have 3 best friends. One friend I have known for 2 years and I would do anything for him. The other two I met over the summer and we all just clicked. The two are also dating each other. (girl and guy)


Today I had my first best friend and my new friend (guy) over my house. We were all hanging out and my sister and her friend came home. They went upstairs to change clothes. We heard them saying stuff like don't come up or you will see boobies. They were kidding. They are only 17. They have big mouths and like to joke a lot.


My new guy friend had a total personality change for some reason. He was mad that my sister and her friend were talking like that. Saying boobies and things. He was also grossed out when he heard them say that they spray their bottoms with perfume in case they fart. He kept saying, "girls don't fart. that's disgusting."


In my opinion he was acting childish. They were only playing around. He was acting so different. Maybe he was trying to impress them. My sister got really mad and later told my mom that my friend is stuck up, not a nice kid, mean, etc.


He never acts this way but toward another girl I am friends with. She thinks my friend is an ass whole.


My sister has never done anything to my friend, they have only really seen each other twice so I don't know why he was acting this way. I have to admit that my sister is definitely prettier than his girlfriend who is also my good friend. Maybe that had something to do with it? He obviously loves his girlfriend so I have no idea. Maybe he was having a bad day at that second? He farts all the time so I don't see why he was so grossed out just because they were girls joking about it.


We then hung out all night and picked up his girlfriend. We were all cool and had a lot of fun.


Tomorrow I am going to hear it from my sister how he was acting childish, how he thinks highly of himself, etc.


When I see my friend tomorrow should I tell him my sister was a bit upset and say that she thinks he dislikes her. That way I can tell my sister he doesn't normally act that way and to let this go. I really don't want to hear my sister complain about him every time she hears I am going to hang out with my friend.


What should I do? I just want everyone to get along and don't want any problems!


Edit: I think I may say, "you made my sister think you don't like her when you got upset when they were joking around" And see what he says.

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Well i would just tell her that look he dosen't normally act like that , he was just having a bad day.


To him i would tell him that your sister was just joking and that he shouldn't take everything so literally and should chill out or calm down a bit and then just go and grab a few drinks or whatever . Girls are senstive so he has to be careful around your sis.

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