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OMGG I ran into an old friend today, he was with his wife (they have major problems). Anyway, I didnt say hi or anything I just walked straight past them but he was staring at me like there was no tomorrow. I was really uncomfortable.


I didnt say hi to him because once he had said that he wants to break up with his wife etc and that he wished he had married me instead


Im not a home wreaker, I dont like having married men as friends, I hope I did the right thing by not saying hi or anything.


I feel so embrassed!!

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Eh.. what to do? No use dwelling on spilt milk (or something like that).

I don't think there is anything wrong with saying hi to married guys.

Just b/c he said he wished he married you doesn't mean he meant it. SOme of these guys can be such flirts, jjust be happy he really didn't marry you! That;s another reason you won't end up wrecking homes: you won't end up dating a guy like this.

So I wouldn't worry about being a homewrecker, as long as you have your boundries and don't let these guys cross it.

Married people are people too.

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LOL thats true, but I dont think a married man should be telling another lady he rather be married to her. Its just uncomfortable.


Plus he always used to confide in me with his marriage problems and he would flirt all the time until I started ignoring him (I know its childish, but It made me very uncomfortable) I would hate it if my husand (If I ever get married) did that!

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Nah, I don't think you were childish to ignore him when he got flirty or started talking about personal stuff. I think that was a good move.

Some guys will use the "oh, my marriage sucks" lines to make girls think they have a shot with the guy. Or to put it better: they use these acts to make the girls interested.

You did the right thing by just avoiding.


I used to have a co worker who was married who would flirt. I would just jokingly say: "yea.. ok whatever. yea ssssure we will go out.

But at the end of the day it was upto me if I would accept and go thru with it which I of course never did, not did I make any plans to meet him or whatever. Guys like these will either flirt with you or other women as well. So don't feel like some homewrecker or anything. Your probably not the only one.

I also feel sorry for the wife with a husband like that. I wouldn't like it either.

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