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Got myself into a situation here, need some input.


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Havent posted in a while, but I do still check the boards from time to time. I usually don't post unless I have a reason, well I have a reason.


I'll try to keep this relatively short (or at least not too long ):


So two months ago a girl who previously injured herself at my store over the summer came back to work. I had a crush on her prior but she was married so I just hung out with her at work and didnt think nothing of it. Well when she came back to work I found out she was in the process of getting divorced. Still having the crush, but more because I'm a nice guy, I was there for her. Being a friendly year, helping her out occasionally if she needed some money, just doing nice things (I'm the type of guy who expects nothing in return, I know that sounds cliche, but it's the truth).


Anyways we developed a friendship so I invited her out with my friends, we hung out a few times and then on December 1st something wonderful happened, something I wasnt even expecting, we made out. We were sitting in my car and she had her window down, see she's a smoker and had the window down to make sure the smoke left the car. She eventually complained of being cold, so I offered to put my arm around her to keep her warm, after sitting this way for a while we just kissed. No one really initiated it, it was a mutual thing, like something you see in a movie, it was just wonderful.


Well, after that she had to get surgury and has been confined to her house, so I've been going over there and hanging out with her in her room, watching tv with her, making out with her, just being with her. See, the thing is, with all this time spent together I've developed really strong feelings for her, I'm not the type of guy who can kiss a girl and not have it mean something, and I think she feels similarly (the other night she asked me if I was just trying to get into her pants).


Now what's the problem you ask? Well I just really don't know what her mindset is about all this, I know she enjoys the kissing and all, but I would like it to lead to something more (and no, I don't mean sex), I know the fact that she's going through a divorce right now is probably why she's holding back (and I'm even worried she's just using me to have someone for the moment). I know I can clear this all up by talking to her about it, but I'm just worried that I won't hear what I want to hear. I suppose all I'm really looking for here is some outside input into this situation, obviously y'all can't read her mind, but I'm sure someone has been in a similar situation at least once.

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You're a rebound, my friend. She's an emotional mess and will be for a long time to come. She is in no way ready for a relationship.


Nothing but pain ahead, for both of you. Red flags all over this. The further you get into it, the more difficult its going to be when it all comes down.

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