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Money and Power

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OK I live w/ my wonderful BF of almost a year. Recently I have had some health and legal issues that have cost me alot of money. Adding up to several hundred dollars. I also probably blew too much on halloween and BF's birthday, but nothing totally extravagant. Now I basically don't have enough money, I was short $90 on my rent and have been borrowing money for daily expenses from him. This is making me feel very odd, first off I feel incompetent, needy, and like a loser. The other feeling though is that by making me feel "lower" it makes him "higher" to ME, these are feelings I am experiencing, he is not holding this over me or anything like that. BUT anyways, feeling slightly indebted, and needy towards him has been a HUGE turn on! Throughout our relationship I have been more dominant, but this has kind of "turned the tables" and... yumm! Last night we went to get pizza and we had been talking about money, he got out to get it, and I swear that he looked the MOST attractive he ever had to me! SO uhm... is this OK it seems kinda codependent, but it also feels kinda warm and fuzzy. Anyone have anything similair or comments to make?

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I use to help my ex out all the time, and being that she's my ex you can probably guess that it didn't mean anything to her. Unlike you she was use to everything being given to her. I'm glad that you appreciate what it is that you're guy does for you. For those of us who have always taken care of ourselves it does feel good when someone else takes care of us, and there isn't anything wrong with it. As a matter of fact I think it's good that he has the chance to show you that he values you and is willing to invest in you. You're a lucky Girl to have someone that is willing to help you out, and he's a lucky guy to have a girl that appreciates it.


The best of luck

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