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thinking aobut split


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alright so im goin out with this girl ive been in love with for almost 8 months. but recently i jsut dont seem to care because she always hurts me.


Before we started dating she made out with two guys, this was right before we started dating... so that sorta started it rough between us...


anyways, this is a girl who has about 6000 guys crushing on her everyday, and she goes to williamsburg with this guy to spend time with him everyweekend. Then she hangs out with another guy who lives near her almost every night.


Recently she told me she watched porn with him... I was PISSED.. but she was like.. so i was like ok, she feels regret, but now shes asking me if she can go out tonight with a guy who likes her, to watch a movie.


i cant be with a girl who's only form of entertainment and recreation involves other guys all the time (she claims she cant get along with girls )


i've been extremely patient with this girl and it just seems like we fight every night and we always go to bed mad at each other..


what do i do.. do i end it or what?!

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I think the porn thing is shady, but you do have to have trust in every relationship. You have no evidence she has every actually cheated on you (prior to rel doesn't exactly count).



I don't know, it's a tough call, I think it comes down to how much you can handle. You have to have enough security with a girl to know that YOU'RE the one she's got on her mind, you're the one she's with. You can't ever really stop her from finding someone else, as no one can stop their partners from that.


Does she make enough time for you? It sounds like there is distance involved. You just have to ask yourself if the good outweights the bad ... if you're getting hurt all the time you really should move on.

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This girl is no good for you....trust me, I've had a girlfriend like this and she'll hurt you so much by the end if you stick it out. I stuck it out for 4 years and the more you give in to this behavior, the more you'll hate yourself by the end of it when she dumps you and says things like "I love you but i'm not in love with you" or "There's no more spark". Why? Cause she's finding that "spark" with other guys. I don't care if you are Bradd Pitt himself, it'll wear off after a few months.


Please....if you can't cut her loose, start focusing on yourself and making yourself more complete and attractive. I might be bitter or something, but take care of #1 first.

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i think you should have a talk with her about how you feel.


maybe she is not ready for a commited relationship. maybe she really loves the fact that all these guys want her.


you could perhaps ask her how would she feel if you did the same with other girls? if she says she is cool with it, then maybe she just really doesn't see a problem with hanging out with other guys because there is no alterior motives.


i say put yourself first.

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