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Parents definitely divorcing...

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I am so sorry you are going through this!


You must feel caught in the middle!


Their problems are not your fault. They both love you! Keep posting here!


I know that most kids want their parents together forever even adult kids! Its a dream!


But you can not control what they do! You can only love them both!

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Thanks for your reply, I just feel that it's in my control yet it isn't. There isn't really anything I can do apart from watch. It's quite painful.


My dad told me the story of how he met my mum and how they fell for each other. And I realise how hard it is for 2 people to truly love each other. I'm probably a bit more fortunate than my younger brother who is 4 years younger than me. But we can't exactly call these kind of things fortunate.

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What is causing their problems?


Have they tried counseling?


I believe if they loved eachother that it might still be there!


I dont know, I just do not think its in your hands, as hard as that is to accept. It is their problem and its best for you not to try to own it. Its going to be hard enough on you as it is if this does happen.

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I just feel that everyone else I know has a united family. I am more successful than my friends in many ways but sometimes I'd rather exchange my position for a normal one, and a normal family. It's not fair, it will be terrible, who do I pick? It started in July and I think it's only a matter of time...when I look through my bedroom window, I start crying-I see my neighbours all as one family, going shopping or whatever. It seemed so long ago when we were able to do so.


I don't know if it is right to post the reason for my parents' breakup...I know I should respect their wishes...but I also want them to notice me more. At times, I get angry and actually think about asking a random girl out just to attract their attention. Is my situation even that common?

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