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Solution of Getting Back Together

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Here is a solution of getting back togther.


This might work under these conditions:

1) Since girls feel loved when they have conversation

2) It is at the stage when you are not hurt even after talking to her

3) When you want her love spark back

4) When she is not with new person


If you have the above solution, here it is:


1) Give her a call at night, when she is at home at a consitent time.

2) Always, smile when you talk on the phone. Make it light

3) Ask's how your day.

4) Write down questions you like to ask before the phone call

5) Keep paper and pen beside you and keep any new information

6) Ask questions related to new information;

7) Keep in brief and you are the one who close the phone conversation

8) Always end with happy notes

9) Continue this to create a patten and when you feel it is going well, sudden stop for a few nights. Create that supends. Make them feel lonely and wondering when you don't call. If you don't hear from them calling you back. Call them and repeat above steps.


For point 8 Need more good happy note line, suggestons?)


What do you think? Please comments. =)

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Where is your article? Please direct me to there.


Could this work for me, My article is "I still love him so much, hes making me so confused, Help!" I want to get him to be with me again, but hes trying so hard to get over me. Could this work, or no, what do u think?
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