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Shopping date update, from KG


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What a great day! Snowing an inch an hour, we power shopped 2 hours, got 70% of the lists crossed off...a nice lunch, hour and a half of talking and high fiving each other! Had my first hot chocolate/schnaps beverage...

I got my ear pierced again, we picked out a really nice gold hoop. Looks cool, gotta admit!

Ended with a hug, we're gonna try to see some live music together when our schedules accommodate!

Was a FUN day! No committment, pretty loose...but that's OK!

Had FUN!


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Glad to hear you had a good day, sounds like it was a lot of fun. We got pounded with snow and took our dog to the park. There's something romantic about a snowstorm, huh? Kind of magical and pretty, especially before Christmas.



Everyone else frantic and slipslidingaway, we're cool having lunch, looking out the windows, relaxed. It added to the atmosphere. Plus, I think we both just liked having someone else to spend some time with. Holidays suck when you alone so much of the time alone.

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