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Is she out there?... Because i need her.


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i cant find a girl when im looking for one. i just cant. no matter how hard i try, how much effort i put into myself for the night, i just cant find the one i want. my only advice is is to stop looking for one and be urself, dont care about ur insecurities or whatever. dont try so hard, best things come when u least expect them. all the girls that fell for me fell for me when i was just out to have a good time, and wasnt really concerned with having a girlfriend.


thats just my insight. good luck.

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You need to stop thinking "oh no I'm not getting laid"! It's not everything. Sounds to me like you just need to forget it for a while. If you want to hook up with someone go out with your mates, have a lads night out. Don't walk around like a sex starved guy though, be natural, dance with a few girls, keep your options open. I garentee that if you act like you don't want it, you're much more likely to get it. good luck!

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