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If shes hafldecent, she wont really respond to you, and stay true to her boyfriend.


I met a guy at Uni a couple of months ago. He has a girlfriend, but has said to me *I'd Like To Sleep With You*, and *I Won't Be Able To Stop Myself From Trying To Make Something Happen*. Yeeeehhhh....laughable. Not because I have a signif other right now, I don't, but whatta pathetic guy...I'm all for casual sex, but NOT when one partner has a GF who thinks they are being faithful!


Anyway...I reckon the only person who will lose out here is you. But being unwise and taking chances isnt illegal so don't stress...and if she does go for you whilst with her BF, bear in mind that shes the cheating and very flirty type. Dangerous.

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See I know id never cheat on someone so I do truly hope she wouldnt do the same. Im in no way going into anything with intentions on trying to get her to either. I just know I was initially attracted when I saw her so I am a little anxious to actually meet her.


I heard it from a coworker that talked to her briefly before she interviewed that she had a boyfriend. It should be interesting though because I work at a very quiet commercial bank where its about 70% dead time and 30% work so pretty much everyday chit chatting takes up a good portion of each day. So were gonna figure out about each other pretty quickly.

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Look im not trying to homewreck anything. If shes happy in her relationship then theres nothing to worry about on either end because nothing will happen. Im just saying once she starts we are going to really get to know each other because around this place chit chatting takes up 70% of each 8 hour day. So if theres any mutual attraction it should be interesting to see what happens.

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Im not gonna be able to handle myself and not flirt.


I think it's always helpful to focus on the person's flaws. Like if she has crooked teeth. Make sure to stare at them all the time so that you're turned off. Also, I would stop thinking about 'not flirting'. It seems the more you resist something the more you want it. Not saying you should flirt like crazy, but it'd be best to take the focus off of what you can't have and put it towards something else. Like how horrible her teeth are. Oh and her poop breath. Yeah don't ever forget that.

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