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How do you know?


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I'm a single male bachelor at 35. My birthday is in 12 days. At this time of year, every year, I keep on wondering if Mrs. Right was standing in front of me or not. If a woman talks to you outside of the norm, say like she is cashiering and has something else to say other than have a nice day come back again, could that sort of be interpeted as a flirt? I guess I would consider myself somewhat thick headed about these things because when I do my doubletake of the woman in my mind later in the day, it makes me wonder. Or am I now discovering I am borderline psyhcotic and should seek professional help.




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I knew someone who used to get dates with men she met in a bookstore....but I am sure she gave a lot more signals to the men than just casual chatting. I don't think you can assume that just because a cashier is being friendly it means she wants to go out on a date with you...it is her job to be friendly to the customers. Well, borderline psychotic is a bit extreme...just sounds like you are lonely and would like a partner.

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Welcome to ENA!


I dont think your wanting a companion or wondering if she is in front of you makes you weird at all! This is normal.


Just like I was telling a single friend of mine, you just got to put yourself out there to get dates... YOu have nothing to lose really..


Shes out there somewhere. I am a firm believer that there is someone there for everybody... Many somebodies... Your not alone..

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When I was a cashier at XYZ big box store, sometimes you'd end up having a brief conversation with a customer that goes beyond "hi, thanks, have a good day." Some customers are chatty and you just fall into conversation. It doesn't mean anything more than I like talking to people, and I want them to feel like XYZ has friendly employees.

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