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friends, but more???

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hey everyone,

ok... theres this girl and were fairly good friends. ive liked her for about 2 months now, and have wanted to ask her out all the time. the problem is that i dont know if she likes me and if she doesnt and i ask her, i could be risking a good friendship. if you have any advice it would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

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I kinda went through the same thing. and you can read where i am, anyway. Women will try to seem interested in a man because she is afraid that the man will be offended and break off the frreindship if she doesn't. A man doesn't tell a woman his true feelings because he is trying not to break off the relationship. confusing huh? I learned this in my Psych class, anyway, the best thing, and what i did was sit her down where you are alone, and tell her straight up how you feel. if she feels the same, you win. if not, try to approach the situation as calmly as you can, smile and say it is ok, and that you done care if she does or not. just be her friend, this way, you both arn't putting of facades of the true you. Good luck! Hoping for the best! Jammer

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I think that you should take a chance. If you don't, then you will always question what if. Life's not about 'what if.' However, if you decide to stay friends, don't you think that this feeling that you have for her will always be lingering? In either case, you really have nothing to lose.

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Im in the same situation at the moment. Im not real shure what it is that I'm going to do, but I'll have to do something before I get myself in trouble. If I can ever got the two of us off by ourselvs again I'll ask if there is any posibility, but as fro any real advice I guess I don't have any, just that if you really want something, go for it.

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Yeah I know how you feel Im pretty much in the same situtation that you are you don't really know what to do at this point. I honestly say talk to her when shes by herself sit her down and tell her how you feel and if she does not feel the same away at least you go it off your chest believe me besides she might not be ready to go out with you yet and her feelings might change you don't want to keep things bottled up you regret it.......well good luck and hope things go your way

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