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Does the first call always have to be to set up a date?


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I met a girl at a house warming, we got along great. Danced and flirted the whole night. This was Sat. Monday there was light texting. Today (Wed) we spoke on the phone and it went well. I am busy this weekend with work and prior arrangements...so I told her I will keep in touch soon so we can set something up and get together. She said she's in.


I was just thinking back to how so many people say the first call after the meeting should be to set up a date? But how about if a date isn't possible for a week or so after the first meeting? I mean, I think its silly for someone to call a girl/guy and ask them out for a week later when they are free...why not just keep in touch and when the time is near, then ask? It is even worse, to wait two weeks to call after the first meeting and ask them out. I think its more important to keep in touch and show that the interest is there and set up a date when both are free and when it is in the VERY NEAR FUTURE ( a few days away at most).


Comments/thoughts etc on this?

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the problem happens because people start assuming you are not interested. its all about fast action nowadays as people dont have a lot of time and patience for such things generally.

if you couldn't date her this week , you could have hinted or told her jokingly to keep some time off for the both of you for a date. that way , she knows you are interested.


action speaks louder than words

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I am flattered when someone schedules a date two weeks in advance - shows he is thinking of me. My bf did that when we scheduled our first "real" date after a few "catching up" non-dates - he knew he would be out of town the following week so he said "how about two weeks from today" (saturday). Good thing he did, because had he waited a day I would have made plans with someone else. my schedule tends to fill up fast.

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you kept the conversation somewhat open. you displayed that you are still interested and unfortunately you are busy this weekend. you did great. you should surprise her during the week and call up and be like 'hey want to meet up for some coffee.' outta nowhere will impress her mucho.

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I would rather you set up a date, or said how snowed under you were, but would like to meet up in a wee while.


Sorry, but I would assume you weren't interested romantically


But that';s what I did...we established that this weekend wasn't good and that I will be in touch to set up a date and she agreed.

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