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this past year has been very tumultuous, i am happy to say that i have made great strides in getting my life back together. for those who do not know i moved away from my ex back in october and returned home to live with my parents to cope with the break up and the depression i had been experiencing. i feel great. around thanksgiving the ex began contacting me the first few minutes of our conversation was awkward, but twenty minutes into it we were chatting like old times.


we have made plans to spend three days together for xmas and i cannot wait. i really miss her and i KNOW now that she misses me. i wish there was a way that we could be together but there is not.


wish me luck you guys and i will let you all know how it goes.

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its not going to hurt because once the three days are over we both will return to different states and continue with our lives


I would think regardless of the where you end up at the end of three days, spending three whole days with someone you deeply miss is going to open up many wounds. This is especially true as its only been 2.5 months. Sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking we are ready for more than we can handle. I am a very strong minded person but have realized that even still I have my vulnerbilities deep down. Meeting with my ex who I miss after 5 months would hurt me a lot and open many of my wounds.


All I am saying is be careful with your heart.

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