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am I a hypocrite?

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I was thinking the other week, while beating the crap out of my door after seeing my ex with her new guy, I was thinking how could somebody you've been with for a month who got sad when you wanted to end it.. (but then just left you) care so little about you in the end as to not talk to you after you caught them, and at all after that, even when you pass them on the street and they see you.... (eg: I broke down a week after she left me, after hating her guts and swearing i'd never talk to her again. I found her and said I wanted to talk, she said she wanted to talk to me too, when was she planning on talking to me? "I was going to, I swear" she said, "but I have to go to this party, can we talk tomorrow?" I wanted to kill her) I swear, if I got hit by a car in front of her she'd just go on her merry way...

recently, I met a girl at a party... she was really nice, she stayed after her friends left to help me walk my drunk friend home and wanted to hang out after (it was 4 AM). I called her the next day, we went out for dinner and spent the night together... but I realized I am not really into her (is it because I'm not over the ex or because I don't find her attractive?) she's been texting me lately and I just give her excuses (studying, work). She's not bad looking, and she has a nice personality, but I'm not really feeling her and I subconsciously try to avoid her.... I kind of feel bad because she likes me a lot (she told me too) and I'm not really feeling her.

Then I remember my ex and think to myself, is this what she felt towards me? Shouldn't it be different since we spent a month together?

I just don't understand, how someone can forget you in a day and couldn't care less though, it seems inhuman to me, so heartless.

I've only known that other girl for a few days, but i feel like I'm doing the same thing to her. Sweet jesus, the crazy things nature does to us to continue the species......

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Yeah, it sounds like the first girl was just not that into you. My recommendation is that you take a break from the dating pool for awhile to work on your own issues and find out what it is that is making you so frustrated and uncomfortable before presenting yourself to others for dating and/or relationships.

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I think the best thing to do is to be honest with this new girl who likes you. Tell her that you dont think you're ready for a relationship yet, that it has nothing to do with her, just that you need some time off. It will be worse for her if you keep stringing her along.

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