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Joined a new group but feel "out of water"


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Well guys just thought I'd share this with you as its been bothering me,

I joined a new drama group recently (it is a kind of rival to the one I was in) and I just don't feel as if I fit in. Infact I feel really out of it! I normally find it really easy to talk to people and used to be really social.



Here's the script (excuse the pun)

They were auditioning for a big show in the new year so I geared myself up and went to the pre-audition reading. It seemed to me that I was the only new person there, so I was polite and done my "hellos", but I really got ignored. Everyone was in tight groups. I tried to talk to folk, but it was no use, some were just giving polite answers and then chatting in their group again. I'd just be standing or sitting on my own. It felt terrible!


Anyway when the audition night came, it was just the same, infact there were more people there! Anyway in the end I was phoned about 2hrs after from the producer saying I read well but there was no part in the show (out of 6) he could offer me. Goodbye. In a way I was glad - I wouldn't have to go through that again!


Three weeks later I got pestered by the producer to be in the show, he kept phoning me but I saw it was him and kept dumping his call. Eventually I gave in and accepted the part which he said I was an "obvious choice for" but the man he chose origionally dropped out just before rehersals.


So, now I'm in the big show with an ok part but I still don't seem to fit in. I thought I would now I was in the show. Hardly anyone talks to me or includes me. I try my best to get with the group but I feel like an outsider. I just wish the show was over and I could just stay in and watch TV!

Any ideas?


Strangely, just as I was leaving rehersals the other night, I got asked to a party one of the members is having next week.

Should I go? - What would be the plan?



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hey bobster,

As a theatre chick/gal/person/geek, I can attest to your feelings. Cliques are inevitable in the theatre world, and whenever I sense one forming, I RUN. It's not an easy arena to break into socially.


At the same time, you're part of a team in this production, so I would recommend you go to this party and get to know these people (they were all newbies once, too). If you can engage some of the cast/crew members one-on-one, I'm sure you'll find that they are actually very likeable people.

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Hi love4life!

I hear what you say, I'll do that and go along to the party. Its kind of weird to me, the people are not un-friendly but there not friendly either, you know what I mean? I think in my mind I'm comparing it to my last club who were very welcomimg to me at the start (mind you I was only 17 at the time) and anytime anyone new came along, I made sure they felt at home - its just my nature really. After years there I began to fall out with alot of the committee members (difference of opinions mostly) and so I decided to leave.

Oh I sound like a drama daahling now!


Thats the thing that puts me off joinging clubs, I'm quite good at raquet sports but I've been in similar situations there too only worse (getting into teams - or not as I should say!).....and a club is about sharing a common enjoyment!


Thanks for your post and I'll let you know how it goes.

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