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I have No Idea if this guy is interested or not, plz HELP!!!!!


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ok, i have a question for you...


When a guy is really lovely to you when he is face -to- face with you, talking away with, sending lots of time with YOU even though we are both with a biiig group of people, flirting with you, etc... you generall think this guy is keen on you right???


well, i would... maybe thats where i am dumb/ wrong... coz when we're not together (as in not at partys, hanging out, etc) he hardly ever replys my texts, talks to me on msn, or organises to see me.... i think im getting VERY mixed signals coz that would tell me he ISNT keen on me... i dno, should i just come out and tell him my feelings?what should i do? ARGH!!!

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Do not reveal your feelings just yet. Its hard to tell what he's upto. When you are with him watch for the physical signals too. Read about them somewhere on the Internet. Also watch how he behaves with other girls.


Here's one thing you can do when you are with him. Ask him if he's free on some day, then make a plan for a movie, etc where you two (and maybe one/two friends) can hang out together. Don't make it look like a date though.


Don't text/message him desperately, he'll only get encouraged if he's just casually flirting. Try sending out mixed signals, appear busy and uninterested once in a while.


AND...easier said than done, don't fall for him like crazy. You should be able to get over him if his response in negative.

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thanks for the messages guys, um, im not sending him any mixed messages, or at least i don't think i am, i know i like him, and so that is all i portray...


well, when he is with other girls, he talks to them fine, but he doesnt got over and flirt/ hang out with them like he does with me.... ???

I've been on some 'lunch dates' with him before, usually us and another friend ~to take away the date aspect of it, those have always worked out really well, we end up talking for AGES! I think he is kinda shy when it comes to girls though, i mean yeah he has lots of gal mates, but i dnt think hes ever really had a girlfriend... i dno, its SO annoying...

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Umm yeah, converstations are pretty general... we'e never talked about status or anything about relationships before....


As for getting nervious... i cant really tell, i think so... when we first see eachother -like the way he talks is different... thn after awhile he becomes normal again...

why? do you think he isnt interested?

this is crap, im usually pretty good at telling whether someone likes me or not... but this time my judgement is clouded by the fact that i like him ARGH!

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HAHAH! he's NOT gay!!! LOL!

well, he kinda teases me, I don't know, when i am around him we flirt (i guess you'd call it that) and trust me, i DO give off signals that im interested, but yeah, it hard to tell, I dont want to be honest and tell hime how i feel coz i dont want him to reject me (in so many words) and for us to loose our friendship coz he's a really cool guy...

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Maybe he is dating someone or other girls.

Or I think maybe he is interested in hooking up but nothing serious?

One things for sure, he may be interested but not like he is crazyyyy about you (yet). Or else he would have asked you out or he would be more eager to reply. You never know, maybe if he does ask you out or vice versa things could change.


When I was in highschool, there was this guy, a friend from a while back. And at school he would be all in my face, flirting like mad, smiling, talking to me for ages and whatnot. Me off course, silly me thought he was interested in me like.. gf material. Not hookup material.

Neways we did end up making out and whatnot b/c I also showed my interest. But then he wouldnt respond to texts, or phone calls much either.

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