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I feel like I should..... but I don't know IF I should

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I had a girl for a month, it ended badly... her leaving me for someone else and ignoring me (see my thread "Lost" for full story). I know she doesn't care if I live or die right now, I know she wasn't all that hot to me when we were together, but I also know there were things I could have done differently, even when things were going nicely, and I regret it. Among others, one thing I regret is never having gotten her anything, even mooched off her... since before we started doing anything I would basically smoke (cigarettes) off her most of the time and she was always willing to share. It's been at least 3 weeks since we separated, but I just got this urge to buy her a pack of her brand and leave it in her mailbox, as one smoker to another and not to expect anything in return. Everything I've read here says I shouldn't but I just feel it would be right. What do you think?

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If you want to do it because of some emotional reason, I dont think it is a good idea. Instead continue to harness your energy on healing.


If you feel like you should pay her back for mooching, I dont think it is a good idea. A pack of cigarettes isnt much money in the grand scheme of things.

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Leave it buddy...your are not in your right state of mind right now. What do you hope to achieve by doing this ? Ask this to yourself.

You hope that she'll come back to you, but this hope is dangerous. It will keep you from healing yourself.

You have done 3 weeks...hold on some longer.

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