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So Im sure Im going to get PLENTY of negative feedback, but I ask that everyone keep in mind that this is an issue I`m very sensitive about and that I don't want anyone bashing me for the decion I am making and to have some advice instead.


I have gained about 20 pounds within 2 months. thats really bad.

I am needing to loose the weight and fast by feb. 24. My birthday.


Today I got full, and I was feeling very sick so i made myself throw up. It was alot easier then I thought so I thought about bulimia and thought to start throwing up after eating. I need something I mean Ive tried ALOT of things. I have little self control, I've grown up being spoiled my whole life. & Im finally sick of it. I really only get to realize it when I lay down at night. This really is starting to feel like im going to get depressed and I'm starting to freak out.


I used to be a happy go lucky, lets go out and have fun...type of girl.

I don't even like to go out in public anymore. It really sucks. I am really upset with myself and I dont know what else to do.


Yes Im taking the easy and still harmful way out of the mess.


Theres just nothing else left to do in my eyes.

I've heard ever tip to lose weight there is..and Im sure if you say it ..Ive heard it.


I just can't committ. It's easy to gain the weight..and soo hard to lose it.


Plus im 5'2'' so every little pound i gain..you can see..


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Hi lauren - i understand your pain and frustration with weight loss. i myself am going through a weight loss journey. in fact, i have lost about 20 pounds in about 2 and a half months, so I know it can be done. I didn't know i had the will power to do it either, but then i joined weight watchers. and it really helps, to be accountable, to eat right, exercise, and reward yourself for good behavior. going to the weight watchers meetings really helps - the people are super nice, and are very supportive.


I take things day by day, meal at a time, and I keep an "anchor" that reminds me to stay on plan - like a pair of jeans I want to wear again, in plain view, or a picture of myself when i was thinner. when i feel like grabbing some cake, i look at those things, and then find a heathier option. when i lost 15 pounds, i bought myself a beautiful necklace, and whenever i wear it, i remember the 15 pounds i lost, i feel proud, and that feeling doesn't make me want to eat. now, if i am at a birthday party, i allow myself a slice of cake, but that's it - 1 slice, not 9.


Bulemia is VERY dangerous and extremely bad on your body. it will mess up your teeth, digestive system, so many things. and why do it when others (like me) have been able to lose the weight, at a good rate, and do it safely.


Are you seeking therapy? i think that would really help you out. Maybe you are depressed? if you used to be happy, and now you are not, i think you should talk to a doctor about it. what caused this change and what caused you to start overeating? you have to confront these issues.


HUGS - i know you can do it, and i know you can do it safely, you don't have to be bulemic. you can PM me if you have any questions.

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Thank you both, and I have too joined weight watchers too actually and do the pay as you go program. I just recently this week had a fall out.. and maybe it has to do with "the certain time of month" but I do know that I am in a horrible state of mind..and no offense and that is GREAT to hear about your weight loss..my friend has actually lost 45 lbs off of it but it's just the timing.. I guess im just impatient. Im not exactly sure what to do.



Im sort of freaking out.

I have 3 different diet pills...





2 Phenocerin


Im very disgusted with myself...almost to the point of hate.


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hey - i am impatient too! when i hit my highest weight, i just wanted it gone fast. but, the people here on ENA told me to hang in there, that it will come off with time.


i am on the monthly pass program, so i have paid for the month - so i go every single week.


do you track your food? are you having 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day? i am glad you joined weight watchers, that is a positive start. if you adhere to the plan, plan your meals, journal your food, and think about those positive outcomes they talk about in the meetings, and exercise, the weight WILL come off.


Do you have some sort of 'anchor' that can help you? like a pair of jeans you would like to wear again? or tape a picture of yourself when you were slimmer in the kitchen, so you see it everytime you go near the fridge. and give yourself a pat on the back when you do well. like, for example, when you lose 5 lbs, buy yourself a DVD you want. at 10, treat yourself to a manicure (or whatever rewards you would like to do).


don't be disgusted, just look forward, and don't beat yourself up. forgive yourself, and get right back on track. go shopping for veggies, or look up interesting, low-point recipes on the weight watchers website. i bought the Slim in 6 program from link removed and i have been doing that. that exercise program really works, it's a great workout and it's fun. just forgive yourself, and get right back on track.

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You know what?

Thank you seriously.

You've put a new light in my eyes and I thought I was going to sit here and be a stubborn brat, (expected it of myself at the low point Im at now) but you are seriously very helpful.


I just recently got a new job so I wont just be living off of my boyfriend...and im just now realizing Ill be able to s[end my money on myself now.


I used to obey my points system very well actually. stayed within 31 points.

I just dont here lately, see myself thinking too much on anything expect for cravings until at night when im about to goto bed..and then i get really mad at myself and find myself crying everynight..


there are only 3 pairs of jeans that still fit me.

so that freaks me out badly.


I just hope i can seriously stick through because im afriad I will resort to throwing up even though i am very aware of the bad side effects.

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Thats great Annie. How much have you lost on WW? I've seen the Slim Six on tv does that really work?


well, at my last weigh in, i lost 18.2 lbs, but i think i have lost a few more pounds since then. i bet i will have lost at least 20 when i go on the scales on saturday. i don't have a scale at my house, i just weigh myself there - it's better when you are losing not to weigh too often.


actually, i did weight watchers 6 years ago, and lost 35 lbs..... but then i gradually went back to old eating habits, got lazy, etc..... and eventually, the weight all came back. i now see that this is going to be a lifetime maintaining thing, i can't just hit my goal weight and then dig into the pizza and expect to stay slim, you know? this time, i am doing weight watchers with the goal of being a lifetime member, and maybe even a group leader one day!? i see it as a life change this time, not just a weight loss plan.


slim in 6 - i do like this program a lot. honestly, it's not easy, but easy isn't going to melt the pounds away. but it is fun. it's a good cardio workout, i like the different levels, and i like the resistance bands for strength training. in fact, i will take my resistance bands with me when i go on vacation. i just bought her "slim series" (which is another set of Debbie Seiber's DVDs). I like that she is friendly, but not too chatty. i don't follow the diet they recommend in the guide, i just follow weight watchers, and that works.


i rent a lot of fitness DVDs also on netflix, so i can use them for a few days, then return them, and get new ones. but i am definitely glad i purchased the "slim" stuff. i think if you watch what you eat, and do the slim in 6 program, it's impossible not to lose weight. (assuming you don't have a medical condition....)

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hey - hang in there, don't give up. 3 pairs of pants, ok, you can work with that congrats on your new job, that is great!


now, who does the cooking in your place? do you go out to eat often? if so, cut WAAAAY back, or if you must eat out, go to subway. i find it easier to stay on plan when i make my own meals and bring my lunches to work. i make my lunch the night before, put it in the fridge for the next day. I find i get bad cravings if i haven't had enough veggies and fruits. usually if i have had my 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day, then i don't fall prey to late-night eating. and drink your water!


next, plan your meals, so you don't get caught off guard. this week i am doing the "meltdown diet" from link removed. you can find it at link removed. I went shopping for all the ingredients, and it's planned out all the meals for me, and it fits into my allowance of points, more or less (i get 24 a day). it's based on the glycemic index diet, and so far, it is working really well! i don't feel as hungry as i usually do, and i think it's because of all those fruits and veggies and fiber. i definitely feel satisfied, not deprived at all.


another thing that helps me is to make myself exercise, even when i don't want to. there are lots of things we have to do that we don't always want to do, like paying taxes, going to the dentist, or brushing our hair or teeth. but, you have to do these things, so i put exercise as a 'have to do.' if you want a healthy body, you need exercise. and now, i feel bad if i don't do it, and i feel better afterwards.


i know you can do it! just stay on plan, journal, track, etc.... planning.... so many components, but i know you can make it work. the weight watchers message boards are another place where you can get ideas or just support.

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Oh my boyfriend DEFINITLEY and he is a very fit person actually cut to a tee. and eats whatever and it has like no effect on him! Ugh and he buys my smart ones sometimes but money was bad for a little while. Thank you about the job by the way.


I am athletically inclined I have always been into sports so activity isn't a problem and I actually do 33 mins of Excersize T.V. well until I started cramping.


I really will start my efforts! You have been so much help really!

I am going to get back on track with weight watchers Ill even lower my points and keep up with the little paper journal they gave me.



and Im going to go check out that website..RIGHHTT NOW.


I will also update on here.. I rarely get on this unless Im at a break down but I do see it helps ALOT. so I will sort of keep a little journal in here and I hope you keep in touch!!

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he is a very fit person actually cut to a tee. and eats whatever and it has like no effect on him


yes, and we hate people like him, grrrrrr i watched my college roommates eat whatever, whenever, and stay slim. it's unfair, but i guess that's just the way it is..... sigh.


good, i am glad you are going back on track! don't lower your points more than you need to though. some people do that, but then find they don't lose the weight as quickly as they do if they eat all their points and the weekly allowance points. you may have to experiment with what will work best for your body. but i always eat all my points, most of my activity points, and about 17 of the weekly points, and i see a loss every week.


smart ones are definitely expensive! it's just a lot cheaper to cook your own food. do you think your boyfriend would like to help you out? you can also cook a ton of meals on sunday, put them into tupperware containers, freeze them, and take them out when you are ready to eat them.


i love those salad spriters (salad dressing). 10 calories for 10 sprays, it works great. spray it on mixed greens for a 0 point salad.

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ah definitley!

will do! I will actually probably start taking pictures etc! I just hope the holidays dont have an effect but i will try to stay strong! He does want to help but he has a hard time telling me no, as i do too. Im tellin ya im such a spoild girl. ha. We will have a sit down emotional talk so he can see im serious!


So I will probably lower my points to like 24.

and eat heathy...Ill have my own money now to shop for food.

and the sunday meals thing is a GREAT idea as is the picture on the fridge!

I will do both!

Thankyou sooo much!!

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did you take the test? how many points are you supposed to be eating? many members, according to the boards, don't lose as much weight if they drop down too low. besides, it gets hard to keep up weight loss long term if you don't have some wiggle room. that's what i love about weight watchers, i would have never been able to stay on if i wasn't allowed chinese food or cheesecake from time to time.

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Yeah my points are 27.

Work will also be able to pull me away from eating because im bored too.

Here in OKLAHOMA i havent had to goto work for the past 4 days from the ice storm we got.. I think ive just been stuck in home and bored and ate my way out of it.


Hopefully with your inspirational words and advice it will get me through.

My goal weight is 112, because I AM 5'2'' and right now im at 150 i believe because the last time i weighed myself I was 146 and im sure ive gained alot since then.

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ah, then i'd just stick to 27, and focus on that. if you want, try not to eat your activity points.


thanks - i'm glad i can help. yup, eating out of boredom, done that too! sometimes it's good to find a habit you can replace it with, like doing a crossword puzzle, knitting, cleaning, etc.... just something else to do when bored.


i'm a stress eater - i eat when things are hectic, i find the time!!! now i try to ask myself if i am really hungry, or am i stressed out. if i am stressed, i make myself some tea, or focus on my work, or work out or clean, but i try not to eat, or if i must, then it's carrots.


what i like about the monthly pass is that it pays for the online program as well - i like reading the articles and looking up new recipes.


i found out that my insurance pays for 50% of my weight watchers costs, maybe find out if your insurance program does the same?



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Will do!

Thank you again.

I really cant thank you enough actually.

My habbits include being outside and lately its all ice outside right now

BUT I will start thinking about some things like that.


I will work for it like I should have and I will not relapes because Im feeling sorry for myself.


Thanks again!!!

I will keep in touch and let you know of my progress!

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PS - if you do fall off the program, go right back on it, right away, next meal. many of us (i'd guess 99.5% of weight watchers) have had days when we have just BLOWN IT. ate waayyy too much, lost track of even what we ate, etc (that was me last week)... the big mistake that many members do is they feel down, and beat themselves up, and then they don't get back on plan, and they let one bad day turn into a bad week, then a bad month. If/when you do find you eat more than you would have liked, say to yourself, "i made a bad choice, now, i will make better choices, starting this minute." drink some extra water, and schedule an extra workout, and get right back on track. in the grand scheme of things, one bad day will not set you back.

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