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k i gave her the present whats next?

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Alright the girl i like have received my gift she was soo happy and stuff...i really wanted to tell her the truth about how i feel on her b-day but i just couldn't do it with all her friends around....but now i kinda regret not saying it cuz i just dunno how to get another opportunity like this ever again...


I really like this girl and i dun want anything to go wrong between us...i think she knows i like her but i just dunno how to start telling her how i feel...at school it seems weird and i just dunno how to express myself


i dunno if she feels the same but she was very happy when i gave her my present and i said how beautiful she was and she blushed ...Her friends been teasing us about being b/f g/f when we're not...she doesn't feel annoyed when i am with her...although yesterday she acted weirdly towards me when she told me she had to concentrate on something but it was not hwk during her b-day....and she kept saying sowie when i told her i was gonna give her a hug before she leaves but her friends got her away to do something....


i really dunno...so guys i need some serious help here


i guess what my question is, is what should i do next....


1.) continue to be her friend which i been doing for quite a while now -_-

2.) go straight out and tell her how i much i like her

3.) Try and get a date and tell her at the date

4.) any other thoughts or ideas



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hmmm, well you did add some pretty good detail, but you left out what you got her....Now i have to know


I saw you gave me a List of options to choose from, and i like people who can give others an idea on what they are thinking about, it makes it a little less harder to "Actually" throw out idea's to someone if you don't first understand completely the situation, so i have to credit you on that. Thx*



Now to your question, should you continue to be a friend, and yes i noticed the -_- face, which gave me the impression you want to take it to the next level. OH here comes the advice...you ready


but the only problem with that is you are a little scared she might give you the "just friends" line. am i correct? Well rejection is better than regret, it's so true, because you can't tell or know something unless you "ASK" or find out, it's like knowing Chinese arithmetic, you don't know unless you learn it's material, and you said you have known her, you are friends...have been for a while.


so i ask you a Question, have YOU (yourself) noticed anything that SHE does with you, Flirting, play fighting, Long intimate hugs, heavy smiling, eye contact, things that your should think about. another interesting thing i noticed about your post is she was Blushing, and her friends were making comments about you 2 being G/F-B/F. Oh god your so in the boat my friend, i highly suggest you spit some serious "GAME" (communication) towards her, when girl-friends talk THEY TALK..!!!! if you know what i mean, i think if they were making the comments, in front of you. it was HINTING* you about something, other wise they wouldn't say anything...Right? do i seem to be correct on a lot of things...? i mean i don't want to Brag, but JEeeZ haven't you had the slightest clue (no offense) i would go in for the kill (not literarily) and try to come out ahead, if you don't succeed the first time, Which i highly doubt. than No sweat, at least you can say you know where you stand with her, Right? OK I'm sounding to sarcastic here i know..but hey, you really have nothing to loose, only gain...

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Yeah I agree with the previous poster, everything you mentioned about the girl in your post is positive. I'd just walk right up to her and be honest. Not mushy, honest. Just go up to her and tell her you think she's really attractive and ask for her number, or if you already have it just ask her to go out some time. The big mistake men make is thinking this is some "grand" procedure that we must go through, when in many cases it's as easy as saying, "hi".


To add to what the previous poster was saying about rejection being better then regret. He's totally correct. The whole story is, "no guts, no glory".


One side note: Until you get over your fear of how a girl will react to you, you won't have much success...you just gotta dive in, if you screw up, so be it....at least your trying!





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Well i thank you all for the positive responses, and Oh i love the gift, I'm sure that did make her feel very important, now to what xxdarksliderxx said about a same situation, well I'm sorry i didn't see your post, i try really hard to answer UNANSWERED post in the forum page, the ones with a BIG red Zero...yea i know it sucks seeing that zero for 45 min and no one has yet responded to it yet, but in the future if you need any assistance in something, your more than welcome to drop me a private message, with a link to your post, even if you have 4-7 replies and you think you need more (advice) just hit my Drop box. i love getting those any ways... thanks again all of you i love the feed back.



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