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My boyfriend and I broke up in April/2007 after having a 3 1/2 years relationship and I want him back, I realized after he left that for the first time in my life I love him.

and he knows it but he is seeing someone right now

we got together at his birthday which is now coming up we spent the last 3 yrs x-mas with his family and then the last 3 yrs New Years Eves together

I have a New Years Eve party that we both were invited to. I will be going it alone .My Bf she knows how I feel about him but still invited him and his gf . My bf told me just to deal with cause we are all friends.

but I'm scared I might do something or worse cry.

thank you for your time.

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I'm very sorry for your pain. It will definitely be hard to be at that party with him. Do you have anyone you can take as a date to help keep you busy??


I went through the same thing this past summer. My ex and I had to go to the same shindig.


It was hard but having a date (who was totally up to date on the situation) helped immensely. He stayed by my side and also let me be on my own at the party when needed. I was able to keep my eyes off my ex... though my date kept filling me in on when he was looking at me and what not. My ex drank a lot that night... thank goodness he wasn't driving. I only made brief eye contact with him once accross a room. He was only informed a few hours before by a mutual friend that I was bringing a date.


I screwed up though and my date left me at the party and I ended up leaving with a group of friends and my ex... I wish to this day I had just left with my date... that would have left my ex wondering... By leaving with them I just made myself look desperate and too available.


You have my sympathy! Hang in there.. New Years is a bit off yet!

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