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I still have strong feelings for him

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It's just a few days since my boyfriend broke up with me. He had no reason at all, and there was never any conflict between us. We both loved each other so dearly, but he said that he just lost it, and now it's gone. The real problem is with the distance. But, is there still a chance that he and I can get back if we see each other in person frequently? He just said that he's happy being single, but he said then that he really wanted to be with me. The good thing is, we're still friends, and he'll still be my best friend, though I still have strong feelings for him, and I'm still trying to get over with it.

I need help, please....

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he just lost what, Commitment? i don't understand why he just Left you cold, there has to be a reason...or other wise he wouldn't of left, that doesn't make any sense, i mean coming from a guys point of view even. i still see nothing here, it's like he was scared of something, and hard and still has a hard time trying to say it...that is a strange situation, and it's alarms me with red lights, it would make me back off, cut communication off completely, but that is just me. than i would lay low for a while until contact is ounce again made from HIM> it sounds as if he wanted space. (for whatever reasons) and he had no way really to tell you, for fear of loosing you.......can't figure this one out here babe, sorry but i tried my best. I'll leave this to others, just hang tight.




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You sound like me about a month ago when my ex and i broke up. And i'm not an expert at this so by a ll means you can disregard my advice. At first I did want to hang on to that hope that maybe we will get back together then reality hit after much talking to my friends and in here. If he really wanted to make an effort and be in a relationship with me he would. Love supposedly conquers all so distance shouldnt really be a problem if two people want to be together. And what i also realized is that i cant force it on him to be in a relationship too. That will only drive him away at the end. I too made that vow with me ex that we will stay bestfriends and now we practically cant be in the same room with eachother. I guess what i'm trying to say is let things take its course. It may sound cliche but if it was meant to be it will happen.

And its only been a few days. Your heart is coping with it right now. Just remember its okay to be sad and cry. Let all emotions out.

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