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My girlfriend's "best-friend" is a guy


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Her "best-Friend" told her he liked her the same time I asked her out....she said yes to me


but....when I'm around she seems sad too me, but this guy comes around she perks up and pretty much totally ignores me


I've told her that she does this when he's around and she denys it, I'm really pissed and fed up with it


The problem is I really like this girl...but if she wont move her best friend below her boyfriend I don't think I can stand it


So my question is what should i do.......



BTW - she says this is the only person she acts like this around and for me "not to worry"

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she needs her feelings checked. i'd express the above too. i'd tell my girl i thought she had a thing for someone. then she can decide. i don't want to be with a girl that is interested in someone else. i'd like to be closer to getting out of the relationship if it was the case.

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I appreciate all the posts and the help


So as for an update on the situation, today I blew her off with the idea that i was going to break up with her and idk if she finally noticed I was pissed or not but she didn't ignore me today while she was around him and she seemed quite a bit more happy around me once i perked up...(we had a big argument in class through notes where they ended up getting thrown instead of passed..lol..and after this I apologized and she has been way better about the whole situation)


*ex* she's grounded for a reason i need not name but she gets 2hrs phone time today i got 1:30 as opposed to his 30 and yesterday it was an even 1 to 1


So....The situation is getting better but my question is do I stay and chance it or just break up now?

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I decided to break up with her today, so thats that, thanks for the help


BTW im sure she went right to her "Friend" lol (I heard rumors that helped me make the desision to end it)


But thanks and if I ever need relationship advice again i know where to go


The OP probably won't return...but he did the right thing. By breaking it off himself, he kept his self respect, which is all he had left anyway.

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