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Well, speaking from personal experience...


I've suffered from depression, mostly mild, but it has been severe at 3 times in my life...once when the building that housed my professonal practice burned down, once when my marriage was failing, and during the past year as I am working through a horrible divorce.


My mother committed suicide when I was 14, and affected her 3 children for the rest of their lives. A woman I know well online lost her nephew to suicide and she is devastated. People close to you will be destroyed.


Depression affects your perception of the world around you, and you are not seeing things realistically. If you get yourself some help, in the form of therapy and medications, things will slowly but steadily improve. One day you will look back on your post and find it hard to believe that you wrote it.

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Please live---stay here for all of us....who cry with you, who hurt with you, who clasp hands with you and understand the darkness of pain.......Why were we born? To love and be loved........And so can love, even just a glimmer, shine a gentle light on you today, and warm the darkest caverns of an aching heart? Because all of us here give ourselves in love to those in need---and in this giving, we too, find the courage to live......So hold on...even for just one more second...and another...and another.....and as the seconds turn to minutes, turn to hours, turn to days, weeks, months......the pain we despaired from, the watery grave of that pain, turns to wings.........Look into your sorrows...for there you will find your joys................Do not give up yet.....not when you have come here to talk and receive..........because we will not let you fall.....

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