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A huge Problem


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Hello all

Got a problem and need to ask someone on what i can or should do..


Ok., lets start.


About 1 and a half year ago i did meet a girl, we did hit it of kinda fast, after 2 months we moved together at a appartment. And here is the first problem, she dont know that we live at a appartment that my mom owns, and she thinks im paying rent here. she have seen my mom, but thinks its our kind landloard. But thats just the start, she knows that our neighbors pay alot for their appartment. so she kinda thinks that i have alott of money. not that im to broke, but im far from ritch to, ( im a student, with a partime job) atleast i got enough for normal life stuff. She dont pay for anything, as she dont have a job ( shes taking a free year before working), and i dont think that helps when it comes to the thing that im a average fellow, not ritchie ritch...

Problems dont stop there though, at first she wanted to celebrate christamas with my mom. and that cant happen as she thinks its our landloard.

Did fix that kinda good, but saying we should go to your parents, as you havent seen em in 1 and a half year.

She was happy about that, but now im facing a new problem, the trip costs alot....

There is no way in hell that i can afford that, atleast not now, its christmas and i need to get some gifts atleast

and to top that of we are getting engaged the day before our flight leaves so i have to get the rings to

and the last thing..

She already got a 1 way fligh ticket, so i only had to pay for 2 one way.

and i cant afford even her ticket back...


Why did i mod edit it all up with a lie?


the sad thing is that i really love her, and dont want her to leave at all


what should i do?

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Why the heck did you not tell her it was your mom's apartment?


Why would your mom go along with this very unusual and unnecessary deception?


Your answers to those questions might help in getting you out of this very wacky situation, if there even is a way out.

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And then instead of a bouquet, the bride can throw a lease.


:splat: Oh man, that cracked me up.


Ah, good thing I am focusing on studying for my exam tomorrow morning.



Seriously OP; I really think the last thing you need to be worrying about is getting an engagement ring right now.

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Why the heck did you not tell her it was your mom's apartment?

I didnt say so in the beginning, she just sayed so to some friends, i and got along with it. didnt really think it would be something serious.


Why would your mom go along with this very unusual and unnecessary deception?

Simple, she dont care, and do not try to get to know her at all.

to quote her:

The worst thing that have happened te me is you getting born.


My problem isnt the wedding, i will simply not invite her and move away.


ive told her the truth about everyting else, but this lies really mod edits my mind

wanna tell the truth, but then again i really love her and cant see anything good come out if telling the truth.

and yes i know its just the push the problem forward.



good to see that someone is getting a laugh of my messed up life

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We aren't laughing at you, we were being silly about some of the results...and the fact is if you can't laugh at life (even your own) well...it's just too serious.


You need to tell her. You can't pick and choose honesty and this is a MAJOR deception. She WILL find out eventually (i.e. when you can't afford rent and when she really wants to meet your mom) and it will be FAR worse than if you told her now. She may be upset, she may be understanding - she may not - but I guarantee it is better YOU are the one to tell her SOONER rather than later or her finding out another way.


You cannot marry someone you can't be honest about...not just selectively, but about this too.

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