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Older woman at work


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So there is this girl at my job, she's actually about 28 or 29 I would guess. I am a marketing agent and she works as a property manager. Anyway, ever since I started working there she was really friendly and kind of indirectly flirty...like "shy flilrting" if that makes sense. She also touches me alot, like today she was almost feeling me up! lol anyway...I am leaving my job soon and today I overheard her asking my co-worker (girl) to go out on fri night. I then heard her say , "let me ask Joey" so she did and I said yes, and she smiled and said "great, we can hang out!!"


So she did ask me...and of course I said yes.


But I think she has a daughter and not to mention the age differnece. I just feel a little off pursuing this girl for some reason, has anyone ever felt like that? It's almost like we're not at the same stages in life...even though I kind of like her....


Should I just pursue this as with any other girl?

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Well she wants a piece of Yates33, that's obvious.


This probably depends on your maturity level, and your willingness to deal with a child in the mix. If you both somehow fall totally in love with each other, would you be willing, at this stage in your life, to care for a child, or maybe a teenager!


If it's just an agreed upon booty call then I wouldn't be too concerned, as long as both parties know each other's game plan.



I've been in similar situations, the difference is the women aren't 7 years older, they are always like 12 years older, and I haven't yet managed to get over the whole "decade older than me" thing.

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