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Some weird things my ex told me today


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I was on the phone with her and she was getting really emotional with me. She started saying how since we've started talking again, she's been thinking about me nonstop. Everything makes her think of me. Then she told me she's falling for me. I told her that I felt the same way and I still like her a lot. But then she didn't say anything about getting back together.


Is this normal for an ex to do this?

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It took her a lot to tell you these things, so its your turn. I wouldnt jump right into it, but why dont you ask her to go out, dont say "since you told me you miss me why dont we get back together" or anything like that, but just take her out on a date. That worked well for me.


I agree


I also agree with DN. Take it pretty slow and be sure.


The best of luck to you!

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