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Worst Situation That Was Resolved


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Ill bite, even tho Im not in the clear yet.. If you want full background go to marriage section and look for "first post, need advice" but in a nut shell, my wife came to me 2 months ago and told me that she had been thinking for almost a year that she wanted to leave because she was not happy. I was devastated, she told me I was needy, I was smothering, that i didnt do enough in the bedroom and that she didnt know if she loved me any more. We immediately started counseling, but i was a mess, I drank and got too emotional, i was becoming more needy and she felt that she needed to be there so i didnt fall off the face of the earth. So all in all, she was almost ready to leave me 4 weeks ago. Well I started to come out of it a little and realized that all I needed to do was like myself more and be more confident in who I was. We separated last week and it has now been over a week apart with little contact until a few days ago. Now we have gone out a couple times, been very close and I can see all the pain and resentment toward me falling away. I think by the end of the week or the beginnign of the next week I will be back in my home with my wife, all because i decided not to feel sorry for myself. I knew I wasnt going to die if she left, I knew i wasnt going to lose my job, so why shoudl i sit back and lose my wife too. You can read that link as well as trying separation in the same area and see more of my story day to day. What is going on with you that you need a success story, mine is not done like i said, but after last nigth with her, its 95% there.

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