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Want to Get Married, Looking for Man Made Diamond


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My boyfriend and I are looking to get married, but are really strapped for cash. I have been looking at websites for man made diamonds, but I'm wondering-- are some places better than others? Do some have bad reputations? Are there any places in particular that you all recommend?


A traditional ring isn't important to me- I just want to look down at my finger and be reminded that my man loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me. Unfortunately, diamonds are the most beautiful IMO. Any suggestions?

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Well moissanites are doubly refractive so it is easily detected as a diamond substitute. Plus they have a greenish tint that a diamond doesn't.


I was looking into man made diamonds, because this way we can save money but it'd still be technically a diamond and not easily detected.


My boyfriend is old fashioned and doesn't want to not buy me a diamond-- i think he also doesn't want people to think he's cheap.


Doesn't matter to me but I want us both to be happy.


Thank you for the thought though.


When you worked at a jewelry company did they sell the man made diamonds? I'm wondering if I could go to a store and buy them instead of just ordering one on the internet that I can't see in person. Also, I'm worried about picking a bad site that would rip me off.


Anyone have experience with this?

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cubic zirconia or moissanites... people are NOT going to pull out a loop and look at the ring, which would be rude and ridiculous...


plenty of diamonds have off tints and flaws, so don't look flawless either.


lots of stores have cubic zirconia set in gold or silver, so you can go check them out.


the thing is too, once you have the ring on, it seems like a big deal at first, but after a while, you and no one else will even think about it... you think about other things like whether you like the design of the setting, or it catches on your clothes, or whatever. don't let the 'status symbol' thing detract from your joy in being together.


he can always buy you a diamond later when he has money, if you feel it is necessary.

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That's the funny thing about engagement rings, no one talks about them at all after the wedding. I've never ever heard anyone compliment a woman married awhile on her engagement ring unless it is extremely unique or unusual, more compliments will come to a $25 pair of earrings...


I'm distrustful of women's motives who go on and on about so and so's engagement ring, or how so and so showed up with a huge rock on her finger... monumentally shallow and crass. So bravo to you for being a person of substance.

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