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My personal issues


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First off, unemployment. I recently changed my line and am finding it so effin' difficult to land up with the right job. Its really frustrating and I am starting to feel depressed and negative. I had a line of interviews last week, where I even met the CEO of a huge company, and they offfered me a job that I didnt want, and as a result Im back to being unemplyed and it sucks. Ive been applying to places since May 07, and still nothing.

When are things going to change?


Secondly, I was just going through the boards here...and realized that i am not sexual at all. In the sense, I see that most people, once they hit puberty atleast masturbate or if they have a SO, obviously take on other activities. Ive been single all my life, and I find it hard to believe that I rarely think about sex/sexual activities. Sometimes I even forget I have a vagina lol. Is there something wrong with me? I dont masturbate, and I generally feel horny only during my period or PMS, which is when my mind drifts off to virtual gratification. Otherwise, I cant be bothered at all.


Is there something wrong with me? I am so scared that when I actually do get into a relationship, I wont be interested at all?



Thanks for reading!

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This is going to sound like a total cliche, but it's always good to try something new. You seem a little like a late bloomer, which is perfectly normal. Unfortunately, you've also developped a phobia about relationships. The relationship with the guy doesn't have to be any more than a relationship with you and one of your friends at this point.


Give it a try.


One note though, try and find a good guy. If he does something wrong, pressures you or anything of the sort, you shouldn't take that as a sign that relationships are wrong for you. You should just move on. I've had tons of good experiences and bad experiences. I can definitely say that my good ones outweigh the bad ones, and my advice would be to go for it.

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