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is it possible to ever feel better

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its the second day since my girlfriend broke up with me. its starting to really sink in and i now realize that she is gone for good. i keep beating myself up thinking about the bad things i used to do and i feel like i can never forgive myself because my girl is gone. i can't eat or sleep and i find my self thinking about what if, all day long. we were together for 2 years and now i will never be able to hold her again. the thought of that scares me and the pain is unbearable. we started getting bad ever since she moved out of her house and in with friends. she started going out all the time and i had to compete to spend time with her. i just don't want one month of unhappiness to ruin 2 years.

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Wasup thatboy_e. Man, sorry to hear that. It is pretty tough after being with her for two years but the pain is not forever. The suckie thing is you just HAVE to be paitent and let time run its course. I'd say the best way to keep your sanity is to talk to friends, family and whoever. Let everything out don't keep your feelings in, they'll do more damage if you do.

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Although not much details here on what happened.


I take it that she moved in with friends, and started hanging with them a lot, you either got jealous or angry which pushed her away because she saw you as controlling or insecure.


that may be true and it may not. she may simply have been with you originally just for companionship, and not for love, as soon as she moved in with these others, she had her fill of companionship, so she didnt "need" you anymore, she may have simply allowed what happened to happen, it gives her an excuse to do what she did.


in anycase.


Its best to let go of her, you will be having a difficult time now, so let yourself heal. dont contact her, (#1 rule) dont call her up or "accidently" bump into her. dont act hurt, or angry. if she does call you up, wish her well. dont beg her back or make her feel guilty, and dont "sell" yourself. (no one will love you like me etc.).


It may get worse before it gets better, but it will pass, you will love again and be loved. better than before. because the new girl will be with you because she wants you, and not out of need.


Do all the stuff you used to do before you knew this girl, sports hobbies etc. take care of yourself now. and join a Gym. (My universal advice)

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