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This is for the people who know how to build muscle

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Hi I just found this information on a website about fitness and just want to know if you guys think it's Bullcrap or if this guy knows what he is talking about:


*Focusing on specific muscle groups:


*Try fingertip pushups to build wrist and hand strength. This may be handy for sports such as golf and tennis, where a strong grip is important. Alternatively, if your brother-in-law specialises in bone-crushing handshakes, this'll help you crush right back. To do fingertip push-ups, find a non-slip surface (like a towel) on which to support yourself on your fingertips, rather than the heels of your hands.


*The further apart your arms, the more of a workout your chest gets.


*To target your triceps, put your hands together on the floor, with the tips of the thumbs and index fingers touching to form a triangle.


Is this info pretty much correct? I've only heard of doing push-ups the standard way you see so I'm not too sure. Thanks. 8)


P.S. Triceps are the muscles in your forearm, right?

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Hey Puny Guy...whats up dude. Everything that guy said is true. Triceps are the muscle on the back of your upper arm....right behind your biceps. If you hold out your arm straight out in front of you like you were going to grab something and twist it like you were looking at your watch, then you would be flexing your tricep. If you want to know about building muscle, I highly recommend this book by the master himself...


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hope this helps...and stick with it!

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Yes that is true...push-ups are great for you...by spreading the distance between your arms (either closer together or further apart you work different muscles, chest or triceps)...diamond push-ups are a good challenge (put your hands together to form a diamond between your thumbs and index fingers)...for a real challenge try some one handed push-ups...

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I have had contact with Puny_guy before and if I remember correctly you are very light, and already do many pushups.


To build size you need resistance training, weight increases as you get stronger, stimulating additional muscle growth.


I could push 1 pound weights 1000 times or 100 pound weights 10 times, which you think is more effective? thats right, more weight.


so doing 100 - 200 pushups is impressive, your not gonna gain additional size.


Since your looking for size, stick with the basic routines, bench press, tricep extentions etc.


here is a simple basic technique to get started.


3 sets of exercises, 8-14 reps. use the heaviest weight you can and complete 8 reps. example.


Bench press, lets say you start with 80 lbs. you keep lifting until failure. if you did less than 8, lower your weights, if you did more than 14, raise your weights.


Keep a journal, little by little you will see gains.


protein is important, at least 1 gram per pound of body weight, spread out over the day (every 4-6 hours) so is you weigh 150 lbs, you would need at least 150 gms of protein a day. but most builders take 2 -3 times more.

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