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Me and my ex broke up in July and we tried to hang out a few times since then, but we hadn't talked for a while after the last time we hung out. A few months ago she came by to drop off some fruits for me because she knew I liked them and left me a note saying we should catch up and she's been busy and stuff. So as a nice guy I am, I called her back to thank her for the fruits, but she never called me back. So long story short, on Friday she texts me saying we need to catch up sooner then later, Baby! I'm so confused about what I should do and why she's doing this to me! I have moved on from her already! I'm not with anyone but I am dating other girls at this time. even though I haven't found anyone I like but I'm happy being alone right now! Can someone tell me what she's trying to do? Especially the girls out there, can you help me?




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It's time to bounce back!

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well, it wasn't that bad it was a mutual decision. we just grew apart. my guess is she wanted to explore more. I didn't think she was very mature and we were on a completely different level. i couldn't even have an intelligent conversation with her. all she wanted to do was going out drinking with her friends! I'm the type guy that if i'm done with my ex I would move on right away, so i won't call her to bug her about getting back together. unlike all her ex's that are still trying to get back together with her. and i know she's not used to that.

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