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shell of thy former self in bed


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as of lately i've been experincing minute man sindrome i dont know what the hell is wrong with me but it just start happening a couple weeks ago like around when i starterd this new job in this factory making car parts i have been under of what i call a lil stress but every things cool except that i'm the type that wants and does put it down in the bed but now its like im not my useual self and i know my girl notices but probly dosent want to hurt my feelings.


please if any body out there can help please do i need to know whats up before i go to the docters office.

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Happens to us all from time to time, at least to me, usually when there's lots of foreplay. What I do is cut down on the thrusting and do more circular "rubbing" to start off with, if that makes sense. Then after a few minutes of this, the initial rush to ejaculate passes and it's back to business as usual.


Step up the general exercise also, and if you go to the gym, try some of the inner and outer thigh machines that women use frequently. This will indirectly hit your kegel muscles, or at least it does mine. Glute exercises can hit them indirectly also, basically anything where you are contracting your glutes and inner and outer thigh muscles. Also try the direct kegel exercises where you contract the muscle that regulates urine flow. Google "kegel exercises" for more info.

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