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Strange things that women do


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I've been reading another post about how women are hard to understand...


So...out of curiosity...What are some strange things that you (women) might do when you're attracted to someone that you know?


Will you distance yourself from him, shower him with attention/affection, flirt like a crazy person, act mad at him all the time... etc.


Edit: Okay, this seems like kind of a random post huh? When I like a girl, I'll usually ignore her, make sure not to make eye contact and avoid talking to her... (stupid I know). So I was just wondering if there were any girls/women out there who have similar strange reactions to being attracted to someone.

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i don't get it... why would we do strange things when we're attracted to someone? maybe we just don't realise that our behavior is strange...


Some people do realize their behavior is strange... I know mine is... I just wanted some insight from women out there that realize they do weird things when they're attracted to somebody.


I'm curious.

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Oh, and never ask something like that to a female. Females think that females are normal, it's men that are weird.


We don't think that, we KNOW that


Ahem... but yeah... I know when I get smitten, I go into what I call 'flirt-mode'. Extra smiles, extra giggles. I make cute jokes... and I blush. It really is disgusting... I don't even do it on purpose. But it seems to work.

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Oh, and never ask something like that to a female. Females think that females are normal, it's men that are weird.


lol!!!! It's the truth you know!


Seriously though, no matter if it is man or women, you can never fully understand anyone as everyone is different then others.


When I am around someone I like I tend to giggle a LOT. I will find everything that they say funny. It is really retarded but I can't help it.

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I'm trying to think of what I do. I really want to participate in this thread! I'm sure there's something, because most of the guys I've dated ended up with a one-word description: "crazy"


....hmmm.. nope.. I just can't think of anything strange. I'll keep thinking..

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I figured it out. I used to hold back. (I`m married now, so it`s no longer relevant.)


If I really liked a guy, I`d tend to ask plenty of questions and let him spill his guts. I would`t talk alot about myself or tell personal info. I liked to take time to let a guy know me, especially if I really liked him.


(On the other hand, I can be quite open about myself with new friends.)


I also always had a one week rule. I would never see a guy more often than once a week, unless it got to the level where I would actually call him my bf.

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