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hey umm well i recentley broke up with my bf and we'd had sex b4 and i started bleeding i was told it wasnt suppost 2 happen again but today i was talking 2 my X bf and we started 2 have sex and he has a really big dick and every time we tried 2 have sex i would b in really big pain and start 2 bleed again. but if ur only suppost 2 bleed the 1st time wat could b happening??? i would really aprecciate ne help right now!!! thanx 4 readin!

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You can bleed more that once, if u have not had sex alot before and he is really big it could be causing tears that bleed. If there is alot of blood, it could be something more serious and I would ask your docor about it. But u can bleed anytime from sex, depending on his size and how well lubricated you are, but if it keepshappening, id go to the doctor.

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