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Hey guys, I just had a really horrible nightmare - I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on what it means?

My boyfriend had locked my sister and I up in a cage and had been torturing us for months. We escaped and scrawled on our hands and knees to safety, while he followed us in a green BMW. We walked into a fish and chip shop, screaming at people to phone to police, which someone eventually did, and then my boyfriend disappeared. At this point my ex boyfriend starts running after us to try and kill us.

Later on in the dream, I see in a big freezer the leg of my boyfriend's dog sticking out. Turns out he and his dog for some reason were in the freezer. His dog was dead but he was still alive, so I got him out and warmed him up with newspaper, and he stayed alive, at which point I told him I loved him and I didn't know why he'd done what he had, but I still loved him.

Does anyone have any clue what this is about? Things that have happened in my life recently are:

My sister (16) has just got pregnant and has to have an abortion tomorrow. Although I agree with this, I don't want her to be hurt by it so my protective instincts are kicking in.

My boyfriend just bought a green BMW off my ex boyfriend.


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