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What in the world happened?!

The Saint 12

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I am needing some support.It is complicated.I started going out with someone 9 months ago.She lived in another city and decided to move to my city to be closer to me. At that that time I told her that I couldn't be her boyfriend because I didn't know who she was or what she did after she finished bartending at her place of work(Alcoholic,drugs,etc.).She insisted to keep seeing me in my city until she relocated.I helped her find an apartment, get a new job, etc..She came into my world fully,met all my friends,my mother,etc..She basically lived with me...She liked the fact that we are all very driven people etc..Appx 5-6 months ago one of my good friends came down with pancreatic cancer,he really needed help.I stepped up and moved him into my house to help him fight half of his battle(50% is mental/50% physical).Those were tough times because a lot of people would come and tell me he was going to die soon,etc.Along with this my business slowed down tremendously.My friend's situation took away a lot of privacy from you know who and I, as people came to visit my friend constantly in the beginning. I also became the president to a committee to put a raffle together for him(We were able to gather $22,000+ for his chemo therapy),I was stressing pretty bad.Within all this I guess I had not put a lot of attention to this person,I can't say her name ...She had basically moved in with me for 6 months...My stress made me zone out..Within all that I guess I was not the best boyfriend, but I tried my best to keep my sanity..Appx 2 months ago we broke up and she told me she needed space, everything was going to be ok,she just needed some space.In the beginning was hard but eventually I gave her the space she wanted...I got very sick all that time physically,mentally and spiritually, I was a mess...We started going out like 4 weeks ago,slowly it seemed like we were building something.We would go out and kiss,hug,talk,etc...She even stayed at my house like 3 weeks ago(No sex,just talk and hugs)I would ask her everytime do you love me and do you want to work out things?And everytime she would answer yes I do yes I do...She would also say that the person I was with all that time was not her,that she was trying to fit into my world....???...Well two weeks ago after an argument with a close friend of mine(The argument was about how they were tired of seeing me sad and anxious for the past 2 months because of this person)..So that Monday I confronted her and it turned out she had been dating someone for two weeks(Which probably means much more time)..I started crying and she started hugging me and holding me saying that she loved me that we could start from scratch,that she wanted to begin anew again with me,that her father thought I was a wonderful man and that he was always right blah blah...I finally came down,and told her she wasn't serious etc..She insisted and we decided to put things behind us and move forward..20 minutes after this,she starts saying"I can't do this,I can't do this,what if I get bored?I have issues,I run away from things!"..I was like what are you talking about???...It was as if they had taken the person I fell for and put a new chip on her..very weird..to end a long story,later on we went to eat and she became somewhat cold. We spoke at the end,and she said she couldn't do this,BUT SHE LOVED ME AND WANTED TO WORK OUT THINGS..After she said this a couple of times, I became very firm and said "PLease stop that!I am not made out of plastic!I'm human and that hurts!You say one thing but you're doing another!Stop it!", she got up, I went with her to get the control remotes for my garage and entry..I said "Good luck with everything"(By the way I didn't mention I offered her to move in with me so she could go to school full time and she didn't have to pay for rent and food..And I was also going to help her with some money for school)...Now I'm trying to get over this and move on..My family and friends are happy she is no longer in my life...At times I get very confused, the dreams at night are finally going away slowly...My friends tell me God has bigger and better plans for me, that God is protecting me from a person that doesn't need to be in my life....I want to believe them....

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Hi The Saint, and welcome to ENA,


Well my friend, it sounds as though it could have been worse. ie: at least she is gone now.


Yeah, just move on and don't look back, she sounded like an immature user.


There are bigger and better things for you than her.


Merry Christmas, and again welcome.



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